TO-Holding 1 GmbH is a private investment company built by the sole owner Thomas Olek.

Its first activities date back to June 2012, when the company was founded in Leipzig. Thomas Olek focuses his strengths and business acumen mainly on transactions in the commercial real estate sector, to date successfully managing to place four real estate companies on the German Stock Exchange.

With the help of its extensive network and using its acquired market knowledge, TO-Holding 1 GmbH intends to enable further companies to “go public” in the future. The digital affinity of TO-Holding 1 GmbH also allows access to new digital options such as the tokenisation of shares. Another significant benefit is that TO-Holding 1 GmbH does not have any debts (except those resulting from the current bond).

Founder & visionary

Thomas Olek

Senior Advisor of publity AG since 1 January 2021 and founder/major shareholder of publity AG, Consus Real Estate AG, PREOS Real Estate AG, Gore German Office Real Estate AG and Neon Equity AG.

Thomas Olek was born in June 1968 in Essen. He has been self-employed since 1991. From 1998 to 2002, he acted as a consultant at Sächsische Landesbank, where he worked closely with the former members of the Management Board. On 8 April 2003, Thomas Olek became the major shareholder of publity AG, and from 9 October 2003 to 31 December 2020, he served as the company’s CEO.

Since the beginning of 2021, Thomas Olek has been working for the Group as a consultant in the areas of big data real estate analysis and internationalisation.

Thomas Olek has built up the TO-Holding 1 GmbH companies into real estate asset management companies and real estate portfolio holders specialising mainly in office properties in Germany.

His track record of over a thousand transactions and his solid network in the real estate industry are particularly noteworthy.

Real estate

Transaction volume


accompanied transaction volume


In Asset under Management of the companies involved (31/12/2021)


real estate transactions


real estate purchases


real estate sales


IPO publity AG

Deutsche Börse Scale,
Shares of the issuer 5,000,000 shares á 28,50 €,

à approx. €142,5 million market cap at IPO


IPO Consus Real Estate AG

m:access Munich Stock Exchange,
Shares of the issuer 24,200,000 shares á 15,00 €,
approx. €363 million market cap at IPO


Sale of Consus Real Estate AG
to Aggregate Holdings S.A.


IPO Preos Global Office Real Estate & Technology AG

m:access Munich Stock Exchange,
Shares of the issuer 22,000,000 á 7,20 €,
approx. €158,4 million market cap at IPO


IPO Gore German
Office Real Estate AG

m:access Munich Stock Exchange, Shares of the issuer 15,050,000 á 6,20 €,
approx. €93,31 million market cap at IPO


Issuance of the world’s first tokenised share of a listed company

(Preos Global Office Real Estate & Technology AG) by BaFin


IPO Neon Equity AG

Börse Düsseldorf
Shares of issuer
40.050.100 shares á 11,00 €
approx. €441 million Market cap at IPO


As the owner of 61.9% of the shares,
TO Holding 1 GmbH holds a value of approx.
270 million euros


Thomas Olek
Nathalie Baruth
Nadine Schober
Isabell Baruth


Thomas Olek Founder

TO-Holding 1 GmbH
Mörfelder Landstraße 277
60598 Frankfurt am Main


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